A demographic study on the people's presence at the BĪT ASĪRĪ during the reign of RĪM-ANUM


Prisoners of war
Old Babylonian texts
Demographic study.

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Rositani, A. (2023). A demographic study on the people’s presence at the BĪT ASĪRĪ during the reign of RĪM-ANUM. VICINO ORIENTE, (XXVII). Retrieved from http://www.vicino-oriente-journal.it/index.php/vicino-oriente/article/view/332


Starting from a comparative analysis of Rīm-Anum texts, and thanks to the study of a particular typology of texts that registers flour allocations for the same bīt asīrī, the “house of prisoners of war”, this paper presents an approximate calculation of the number of prisoners who were actually present in the bīt asīrī in the different periods by linking their possible numerical growth to other texts which record military activities entailing the capture of numerous prisoners.

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