Territory, landscape and urban layout in the Iberian culture


Iberian culture
urban planning
political models

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Ruiz Rodrìguez, A., Molinos, M. M., & Galán, C. R. (2024). Territory, landscape and urban layout in the Iberian culture. VICINO ORIENTE, (XXVIII). Retrieved from http://www.vicino-oriente-journal.it/index.php/vicino-oriente/article/view/411


In this article we propose a panoramic review of the urban phenomena and designs in the Iberian culture (7th-1st centuries BC). Based on case studies linked to different territories in the extensive Iberian area, we look at these processes from different scales of approach. We begin with the complex and heterogeneous definition of town models to arrive at an analysis of the territories and ways in which the oppida expanded, by analysing and categorising the settlement and territorial organisation
patterns. In particular, we propose an update of the settlement model typology, taking into account the nucleation and spatial structure variables, as well as the presence and/or absence of defined settlement rankings.

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